Parris Royal Hotel

Our Services

We offer the very best of ourselves. We are open 24/7. Our hotel is designed to give you maximum satisfaction.

Pool Bar

Take a time-out by the pool and have fun with your family and friends. Our pool is hygienically treated and cleaned to ensure that your stay is comfortable and your experience is satisfactory. Spend quality time at the pool bar and enjoy the chill of a relaxing atmosphere to loosen up the edges and have a great time.


Our professional laundry and dry cleaning service ensures that our guests and customers always look their best. With 24/7 operational time, we serve our guests and customers effectively to their tastes. We accept everything, including a leather jacket, a suede skirt, Ankara wear, a wedding gown, or a formal shirt and suits.


Staying fit is essential to good health. This is why we spare no expense in providing the very best gymnasium for our guests and customers. Designed to give the ultimate experience, we have 24/7 operational time and a standby gym couch ready to help our guests and customers build a proper exercise routine.

Event Hall

Our well-spaced and fully air-conditioned event hall has an accommodation capacity of 300,1000 people. We are suitable to cover your small-to-large events, receptions, conferences, and many more. You can book for your events with us at an affordable price.

Restaurant & Dinning

Enjoy the very best of dining experiences with mouth-watering yet affordable meal options ranging from continental cuisines to the best of local dishes prepared with finesse. We serve freshly prepared and tasty meals, with one of the finest specifications for dining pleasure.

Bar & Lounge

Enjoy classic relaxation and comfort with your friends in our bar and lounge. soothing style designed for maximum enjoyment and taste. Private from prying eyes, our bar and lounge offer the very best in exclusive informal gatherings and relaxing. The Parris Hotel Royal (Bars and Lounges) guarantees fun always! Step away from all the hustle and bustle that Lagos brings and enter into a thrilling and mind-boggling nightlife experience like no other.